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The state of the PyVISA ecosystem (and more)

Yesterday we released several packages of the Python Instrumentation Ecosystem. You can upgrade to PyVISA 1.8,PyVISA-py 0.2 and PyVISA-sim 0.3  by:

pip install -U pyvisa pyvisa-py pyvisa-sim

For those of you who are new to instrumentation in Python, PyVISA is a Python frontend for the VISA specification that enables controlling all kinds of measurement equipment through GPIB, RS232, USB and Ethernet among others interfaces. If you are familiar with VISA instruments in LabVIEW, Matlab, C or .NET you already know how it works and you can make use of PyVISA as a nice Pythonic API to write your programs. If you have never done any instrumentation, Python and PyVISA is great combination to start.

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As I mentioned before PyVISA is a frontend for the VISA specification, but what does this means in terms of software? PyVISA can connect to multiple backends, which are the one…