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Moving to Lantz

Lantz is a Python automation and instrumentation toolkit that allows you to control instruments in a clean and efficient manner writing pure Python code. Since I released Lantz a few weeks ago, I have received a lot of positive e-mails about the project. Most of them can be summarized as: It looks very nice! I love Python and I have been looking for a Pythonic way to do instrumentation!
It is encouraging to receive such positive comments and also confirms that Lantz is in the right path: Not a Domain-specific language, not a do-it-my-way framework, but a complete, coherent and concise set of classes and functions for instrumentation in Python. Lantz provides base classes and functions decorators to help you write your drivers as shown in the figure (thanks Pablo Jais!). You can find more details in the documentation's overview.
Inertia is what stopping many to start using Lantz. For most of us, instrumentation is the means to an end. We need to measure, do experiments, get results…