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Announcing Lantz: Instrumentation in Python

Today I am releasing Lantz, a Python automation and instrumentation toolkit that allows you to control instruments in a clean and efficient manner writing pure Python code.

Instrumentation and experiment automation became a cornerstone of modern science. Most of the devices that we use to quantify and perturb natural processes can or should be computer controlled. Moreover, the ability to control and synchronize multiple devices, enables complex experiments to be accomplished in a reproducible manner.

This toolkit emerges from my frustration with current solution. If you have worked in a research lab, you know that most that is out there is done using Domain Specific Languages (DSL) like LabVIEW and MatLab Instrumentation Toolbox. They are great for their original purpose but as soon as you want to code a real application their idiosyncrasy gets in the way. They lack certain features and good design that we enjoy in some general purpose languages. So the choices are: you move to La…